Lisa Seese-Paterson » Aloha!


Aloha, everyone! Welcome back to another school year. As we all know, things are a bit different this year, but we all are showing up for the same reason - we are here to support and help each other become better versions of ourselves through learning and personal growth. 
I am a new face on the 'Olomana campus. This is my first year teaching in this school community and I am so excited to be here. I will be working with the students at the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility to build their English Language Arts skills. In my class community, we focus on thinking critically and independently, reading deeply and confidently, becoming a competent communicator, seeking connections and understanding between ourselves and our world and making meaning of our experiences and observations. 
Learning during a pandemic may look different, but it is even more important that we push ourselves and each other to embrace knowledge and discovery. Life is always a complicated journey but I believe that life is always a bit easier when you have someone who has your back. We have your back, my friends! The reason I am an educator is to be your support system, your cheerleader, your guidepost and your biggest fan as you learn more about this world and who you are within it. 
We believe in you. We are here for you. Dig deep and do the work. You've got this!