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Admission Info

Olomana School is located in Kailua Oahu and services Windward District residents in grades 7 to 12.  Olomana School is a WASC accredited alternative learning school with a small campus and small class sizes.  We strive to build a school culture that focuses on building positive relationships with students thereby creating a community of safety and belonging.


If you are interested in a voluntary transfer to Olomana School, talk to your school’s counselor to determine if Olomana School is a good choice for you.  Your counselor can advise you of your options for graduation based on your current credit summary.  If your school makes a recommendation for you to transfer to Olomana School, parent permission is required and you (the student) must agree to attend our school. Olomana School referrals are submitted by school counselors and administrators of the Windward District Schools. We do not accept walk in registrations or requests for transfer.  A discussion to attend Olomana School should be done between the counselor or administrator and the parent and student before a referral to Olomana School is submitted. 


If you are interested in a transfer to Olomana School, make an appointment with your school’s counselor. 


If you have any questions, call Sheri Dennis @808-307-1622 or email [email protected]